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    Jacqueline Originals

    The Vision Within Creates the Reality Without

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    For the Special People in your life

    Understanding PreSchool Art

    A colorful guide for parents, teachers & grandparents

    Learn Italic Calligraphy


    Beautiful Writing at your own pace

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    Your belief system is your reality

  • Energy in Color

    I love expressing the flow of energy in my paintings, whether the colors are soft and subtle, or powerful and vibrant.


    What separates art from everything else is creativity. The fact that it has manifested from someone's pure thought makes it awesome!

  • Light

    & Color

    personalized wedding gift Hawaiian

    24 Selections!

    Possibly the largest collection of original, hand-lettered, personalized, framed wedding gifts in the world.

    Desiderata gift in calligraphy

    Hand lettered classic inspirations!

    Personalized Cleaning and Scrubbing mom gift

    Personalized unique gifts for babies, moms,dads & grandparents


    Sharing My Expertise

    You're never too young (or old)

    to be creative!


    Encourage Creativity in toddlers!

    Written for teachers, parents, and grandparents who want to encourage self-confidence and self-esteem in preschoolers. In addition, there are suggestions for positive responses to their art.


    Learn Italic


    • Learn from a master calligrapher and educator with fine-tuned lessons.
    • See the wet ink onscreen as you follow the actual creation of letters.
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